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About this project

Commenteer is an application specifically designed for media creators to simplify the process of generating multiple comments for their content. It leverages the power of Next.js, TypeScript, and Firebase to provide a seamless user experience. With Commenteer, creators can easily create custom sets of comments to enhance engagement and interaction with their audience. The application allows users to specify the project name, comment type (positive, negative, neutral, or questions), and the desired quantity of comments.

Key Features

  • Easy Comment Generation: Commenteer streamlines the process of creating a large number of comments. With just a few simple inputs, YouTube creators can generate a customizable set of comments to be used in their videos.
  • Random Comment Generation: Commenteer ensures that the generated comments are randomized, providing a diverse and natural-sounding set of comments for YouTube creators.
  • Firebase Authentication: Commenteer utilizes Firebase Authentication to enable secure user registration and login. This ensures that only authorized creators have access to the application.
  • Firestore Database: Commenteer leverages Firebase Firestore as its database solution. This allows for efficient storage and retrieval of comment data, ensuring optimal performance.


Technologies Used

Technologies that ensure Commenteer delivers a performant, secure, and user-friendly experience for media creators:

    nextjs icon
  • NextJS
  • react icon
  • React
  • typescript icon
  • TypeScript
  • firebase icon
  • Firebase
  • reactfirebasehooks icon
  • React-Firebase-Hooks
  • vitest icon
  • Vitest
  • html icon
  • HTML
  • scss icon
  • SCSS

By leveraging these tools, I've managed to ensure the reliability and quality of this application.


Preview on Vercel

Commenteer is currently in version 0.1 and under development:

Link to website
gifter app list screen


Agile Board on Trello

Check my Trello agile board that I use for managing tasks and track progression.

Link to Trello trello board with commenteer app tasks


Design on Figma

Check my design at Figma

Link to Figma figma with commenteer design



This project is licensed under the MIT License.


App views

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